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Half Dozen (6) Blue, Black and Splash Copper Marans Hatching Eggs

Half Dozen (6) Blue, Black and Splash Copper Marans Hatching Eggs

Marans are known for their beauty, in feather and egg color. Their feathered legs add a quirkiness to their more regal plumage.


Our Marans flock is of mixed colors, containing Blue, Black and Spash/Copper hens. Our sires are a Black Copper and a Spash Copper Marans. 


In height of production our ladies lay 5 eggs a week that are at least a 6 on the Marans scale color chart, but typically 7-8's. Lighter eggs are common during higher production months, breaks in laying result in the darkest eggs, but each hen is different.


These are excellent dual purpose birds, reaching harvesting size by 6 - 8 months of age and full maturity by 18 months.

We strive to breed to the APA Standard of Perfection for Marans, for the darkest eggs and best temperaments. You have a chance of hatching Blue, Black or Splash Copper with varying expressions of copper. Marans are a young breed in the US and there is much work ahead to perfect this breed overall. While we strive to follow the SOP for this breed, we focus primarily on egg color.

  • ***Must Read Before Purchasing***

    This listing is for hatching egg pre-orders. You will select an approximate shipping date when ordering. You will be notified by email 24-48 hours before your order ships. It is your responsibility to be prepared to recieve your order. You must contact us in advance if you need to change your order ship date. We will do our best to accomidate but cannot gurantee availability.

    Our flocks are small, which is one way we ensure the highest quality.  We esimate weekly egg production based on normal laying behavior for the season but cannot predict behavior that may impact egg laying. 

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