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Lavender (Self Blue) Ameracauna

Bred to the Ameracauna SOP, for egg color and temperament. These birds exhibit beautiful feather quality, are friendly, hearty, and lay a medium sized blue egg which is a welcome addition to any egg basket!

Lavender (Self Blue) Ameracauna

Our Self Blue Ameracauna stand out as a favorite here on the farm. Our customers continually comment on their friendliness and beauty.

Our parent stock are true (non-split) Self Blue Chicks. All of our parent stock meet the Ameracauna Breeders Club breed standard from their pure Self Blue color (adopted by the American Poultry Association in Spring 2020), steel legs and beaks, pea combs, with nice full muffs and beards. While egg color is not currently a measure for the standard our hens lay a beautiful range of bright blue to light blue green eggs through their laying cycle. The members of our Self Blue flock are all homozygous for blue eggs.

Ameracaunas are often confused with Easter Eggers or Americanas* (a word created to pass off Easter Eggers as a breed). Easter Eggers, while beautiful and typically very colorful, are a mix of breeds who often lay a blue/green egg.

Ameracaunas are a standard breed accepted by the American Poultry Associated with a breed standard and club who work to perfect this breed. We are proud to be part of the
Ameracauna Breeders Club and new show exhibitors of this breed. We encourage you to visit their website to learn more.

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