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Hatching Egg Purchase Agreement: *

I understand I am purchasing hatching eggs that I am responsible for incubating. The Head Family Farm is not responsible for instructing me on incubation. Shipping is USPS Priority 1-3 days. I understand 50% development rate from shipped eggs is widely accepted as the standard, but I may see more or less.


The Head Family Farm wants you to have an excellent hatch with healthy and thriving chicks.


Hatching Egg Shipping Agreement: *

When you order hatching eggs, you agree to the following shipping terms & conditions. There are no exceptions. By making payment, you acknowledge that you have read, and do here by accept all terms and conditions contained in this Shipping Agreement.


Shipped Eggs: 

We pride ourselves on packaging your beautiful eggs with love and care. We Priority ship one dozen eggs per box to avoid pressure on each egg.  We do our best to ensure your eggs arrive ready to incubate within 24 hours.  The reality is once your package leaves our farm, the United States Postal Service is in control of your eggs.  In the past, our customers have had excellent service and hatch rates, but there is never a guarantee.  We place our trust in the hands of every USPS worker across the United States.  Therefore, the The Head Family Farm cannot be held responsible for the care of your eggs during shipping or hatch rates. 

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