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Our Breeds

A Homestead Hatchery focused on quality.

At The Head Family Farm we work with a select few breeds. This allows us to maximize our time and narrow our focus with each breed and variety.

We breed to the APA Standard of Perfection and make changes with each new generation to continue focusing on the SOP and most desirable qualities. Those from our breeds who do not meet our standards to remain in the pure breeding flocks are moved to our Rainbow Layer flocks and contribute their best qualities there.


Temperament, Type, Vigor & Egg Color are the pillars of our program. 

Self Blue "Lavender" Ameracauna

Plumage Color: Self Blue (Lavender)

Egg Color & Size: Homozygous Blue, Medium

Egg Production:  250  per year

Our Self Blue Ameracauna stand out as a favorite here on the farm. Our customers continually comment on their friendliness and beauty.

Hatching eggs and chicks will be true (non-split) Self Blue (Lavender) Chicks. All of our parent stock meet the Ameracauna Breeders Club breed standard from their pure Self Blue color (adopted by the American Poultry Association in Spring 2020), steel legs and beaks, pea combs, with full muffs and beard.


While egg color is not currently a measure for the standard our hens lay a beautiful range of blue to turquoise eggs through their laying cycle.

Ameracaunas are often confused with Easter Eggers or Americanas* (a word created to pass off Easter Eggers as a breed). Easter Eggers, while beautiful and typically very colorful are a mix of breeds who often lay a blue/green egg.

Ameracaunas are a standard breed accepted by the American Poultry Associated with a breed standard and clubs who work to perfect this breed. We are proud to be part of the Ameracauna Breeders Club and new show exhibitors of this breed. We encourage you to visit the breeders club website if you're interested in learning more about the different color varieties and breed history. 

Blue, Black, & Splash Copper Marans

Plumage Color: Blue, Black & Splash with Copper Hackles/Saddle

Egg Color & Size: Rich Dark Brown

Egg Production:  200  per year (3-5 per week)

There's something incredibly special about Marans eggs. Until you've held one it's hard to appreciate their true beauty.

Our Marans are even tempered hearty birds. Cockerels mature quickly, but pullets can be slower to lay. In our experience between 6-8 months depending on the time of year. 


Our flock consistently gives us Medium to Large eggs that land between 7-8 on the Marans Club color scale. 

This is a younger breed in the US and while we strive to breed to the SOP there are still many hurdles in breeding these birds to the standard. Our flock consistently produces robust birds. Males reaching 6-7lbs by 6 months of age and pullets near the same by 7-8 months. The meat of the Marans is dark and very flavorful, this combined with their size makes a great dual purpose bird. 

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Rainbow Layers

Unique crosses for various egg colors

We offer hens choice Rainbow Dozen Hatching Eggs that could include our pure breeds as well. We have specific breeding pens for various Greens, Olive (F1 & F2), Tan, Pink, Dark Brown & Homozygous Blue.

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