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A Homestead Hatchery

Breeding Quality Ameracauna, Rainbow Layers and Dual Purpose Poultry. Family Owned & Ethically Operated.

NPIP Certified Flocks

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Our Journey

In 2019 we moved from the suburbs to the country. We longed for more space and land where we could put down roots as a family. Since then we've cultivated a garden, grown our flocks, and added new members to the farm. 

We invite you to join the fun happening here at Head Family Farm!

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Quality poultry from our homestead to your family.

We are the Head family, 

the 3 person team living our dreams at Head Family Farm, a homestead hatchery. We have a love of poultry which evolved into starting a registered Alabama hatchery in 2020. Jaclyn is the planner, organizer, dreamer, Zac's the motivator (and the brawn), and Eleanor, well, she's the "Head Chick" around here. Nothing leaves the farm without her stamp of approval (and cuddles).


What is a Homestead Hatchery?

Our small scale hatchery is located at our home and is part of our daily lives. We spend personal time with our flocks each day. There's not much here that can surprise us. We love knowing each bird.


What makes you different?

Our chickens are our pets first. We love and care for them daily. We believe in sustainable agriculture and providing for your family and community, chickens are our path towards that.


Many large hatcheries euthanize male chicks when they go un-purchased. On our farm, all are given the chance to grow up, find new homes, join our breeding programs, or are harvested to nourish our family. Knowing where our protein comes from is a special part of having a homestead hatchery. 

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Community is Key

The homesteading community is a vibrant one, full of encouragement and minds hungry to share and learn. We hope you'll join our Instagram, Facebook or YouTube communities! We love seeing updates from those who've added our chickens to their flocks too!