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1 Dozen (12) Chasing Rainbows Hatching Eggs

1 Dozen (12) Chasing Rainbows Hatching Eggs

Chase Rainbows with us! 

Our rainbow layer mix is a great option for those who want to add more color to their egg basket! 

This listing is for 12 hens choice eggs.


Rainbow Mix Could Include:

Easter Eggers: Blue & Green Eggers

First Generation Olive Eggers: Guaranteed Green Eggs Varying Shades

2nd Generation Olive Eggers: 50/50 chance of Olive Eggs or Dark Brown Eggs

Back Crossed to Marans Olive (BC1) and Back Crossed to Blue (BC1)

Sexlink Easter Eggers: Males will hatch with a dot on their heads (for barring gene)

Various Brown Eggers: Speckled, Heavy Bloom, Heavy Layer crosses


Extras that could be included: Self Blue Ameracaunas, Black Ameracaunas (Split to Self Blue), Blue, Black or Splash Copper Marans.


***We do not gurantee the egg colors you will recieve. These are hens choice and all egg colors fluctuate during a hens laying cycle. Please be mindful of this when ordering and reach out to us with any questions.


Hatching Eggs are a gamble. We do not garuntee hatch rates. If you cannot accept the possibility of no eggs hatching, please do not gamble.


  • ***Must Read Before Purchasing***

    This listing is for hatching egg pre-orders. You will select an approximate shipping date when ordering. You will be notified by email 24-48 hours before your order ships. It is your responsibility to be prepared to recieve your order. You must contact us in advance if you need to change your order ship date. We will do our best to accomidate but cannot gurantee availability.

    Our flocks are small, which is one way we ensure the highest quality.  We esimate weekly egg production based on normal laying behavior for the season but cannot predict behavior that may impact egg laying. 


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